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Fun Flavors Box

Freeze Dried Candy Berry Space Balls Red and Black Berry Gummies Crunch Treats, 2 oz

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Freeze Dried Candy Berry Space Balls Red & Black Berry Gummies Crunch Treats 2 oz

Indulge in a cosmic explosion of flavor with Fun Flavors Box Freeze Dried Candy Berry Space Balls! Each bite delivers a unique blend of black and red berry gummies, freeze-dried to perfection for an irresistible crunch. With approximately 13 delicious berry space balls in every 2oz bag, this snack is perfect for satisfying your cravings on the go. Crafted with premium ingredients, our Berry Space Balls offer a tantalizing mix of textures and flavors that will leave your taste buds craving more. These delicious and fun-to-eat treats will make your mouth turn red or blue depending on the freeze-dried berry space balls you eat, adding an element of excitement to every bite. Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat or added to your favorite snacks and desserts, these exotic candies are sure to elevate any snacking experience. Treat yourself to a cosmic journey of flavor with Fun Flavors Box Freeze Dried Candy Berry Space Balls today!


  • Fun Flavors Box Freeze Dried Berry Space Balls, offering a unique, exotic, and crunchy twist on a classic candy treat.
  • Exotic Flavor Fusion: Indulge in the unique taste of our Fun Flavors Box Freeze-Dried Candy Berry Space Balls, featuring a delightful blend of black and red berry gummies
  • Irresistible Crunch: Experience the satisfying crunch of freeze-dried berries paired with the chewy texture of gummies for a one-of-a-kind snacking sensation
  • Space theme party favor and birthday gift idea
  • Versatile Treat: Enjoy these Berry Space Balls as a standalone snack, mix them into trail mix or yogurt, or use them as a topping for desserts for an added burst of flavor
  • On the go snacking is perfect for exotic gifts, kids, lunchboxes, hiking, traveling, emergency food situations
  • Resealable bag for freshness and convenience
  • Colors and packaging may vary

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Nonpareils (Sugar, Corn Starch, Modified Starch, Glucose Syrup, Calcium
Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Carnauba Wax, Artificial Colors [Red 40, Blue 1, Blue 2]), Water, Gelatin,
Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Sodium Citrate, Artificial Color (Red 40).