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Fun Flavors Box

Freeze Dried Candy Blue Raspberry Taffy Crunchy Treats, 2oz

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Savor the taste of summer all year round with our Fun Flavors Box Freeze-Dried Blue Raspberry Taffy.

These delectable treats offer a burst of sweet and tangy blue raspberry goodness, expertly freeze-dried to preserve the luscious flavor of ripe blue raspberries.

Our unique freeze-drying process transforms these classic treats into an exciting snack adventure that's both tangy and delightful. Each 2 oz bag is packed with pure blue raspberry freeze dried taffy candy joy that you won't be able to resist.  Spread the joy of the seasons by sharing these blue raspberry delights with friends and family. It's a seasonal treat that brings smiles.

Unique space and gender reveal theme party favor idea.  The blue color of the taffy aligns with the traditional association of blue with boys in many genders reveal themes