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Fun Flavors Box

Freeze Dried Candy Honey Bites Taffy Crunchy Treats, 2oz

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Introducing a delightful twist on a classic favorite - Fun Flavors Box Freeze-Dried Honey Bites.

Our expertly crafted taffy are made with real honey and almond flavors and combines the rich, buttery sweetness of honey with an exciting crunch that's simply irresistible. Each bite is a symphony of flavor and texture, making it the perfect treat for any occasion.

Open the resealable bag and dive into the world of Fun Flavors Box Freeze-Dried Honey Bites. Savor the delectable blend of sweetness and crunchiness with each piece. Seal the convenient 2 oz bag to keep your taffy fresh for future indulgences.

At Fun Flavors Box, we're passionate about creating snacks that elevate your snacking experience. Our Freeze-Dried Honey Bites Taffy is a testament to our commitment to quality, taste, and innovation. Experience the magic of honey bites taffy in a whole new way with every irresistible bite.

 Unlike traditional taffy, our freeze-dried version adds a delightful crunchiness to the familiar chewiness, creating a uniquely enjoyable snacking experience

  • TikTok trending candy
  • Exotic and unique candy gift
  • On the go snacks idea for trick-or-treat bags, Easter baskets, Christmas stocking stuffer
  • Space theme party favor and Birthday gift idea
  • Resealable bag for freshness and convenience
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-free
  • Packaging may vary

Corn Syrup, Sugar, Nonfat Milk, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Almonds (Almonds, Safflower and/or Sunflower and/or Canola Oil), Honey, Salt, Egg Whites, Natural Flavor.

Allergen Statement: Contains milk, almonds, and eggs. May contain other tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. Contains bioengineered food ingredients.