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Fun Flavors Box

American Treats Care Package Variety Pack Donuts Cookies Sweets Cupcakes Snack Box

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Fun Flavors Box-Snack Care Package American Treats Variety Pack Donuts Cookies Sweets Cupcakes

The best tasting and most popular baked pastry snacks, and put together the 11 Count Hostess treats! Since we are all snack lovers, we pack each gift box with the sweet assortment we know a snack lover will enjoy and be able to take anywhere they go. This variety includes the most well known and tastiest snacks: Twinkies, HoHos, Donettes, Lemon Baby Cakes and more. The Snack Cake and Pastry Care package can be sent to loved ones in the military, school, camp or just enjoyed at home. Individual snacks may vary depending on availability.